Both the cats and the dogs are wild about your beef and the liver!

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I want to thank you so much for providing such great products for my animals. Both the cats and the dogs are wild about your beef and the liver. Although the dogs are good eaters, you know how finicky cats can be, esspecially with the introduction of a new food. I have 30 cats, all on a raw diet. They happily ate both the beef and the liver on their first presentation. There was not a speck left on their plates. Even better, there was no digestive upset whatsoever from the new food. I particularly like the fact that it is lean and in small cubes, rather then ground. It gives the cats something to chew on.
I also want you to know that the tripe was really a huge hit with the dogs. I had not been able to find a good source of tripe in the past, so this was their first time tasting it. It was a day for chicken quarters, so I added a good measure of the tripe right on top. I set down the pans and much to my amusement; both dogs carefully picked up their chicken quarter and carefully placed it off to one side. Then, they proceeded to eat every bit of the tripe. They carefully licked out their pans and then flipped over and made sure there was nothing left on the bottom. Only then did they eat their chicken. I think you are their new hero. Feel free to give anyone my email adress if they have any questions about your products or raw feeding.

Pam Sharp
Middleton, Idaho

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