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Jaxon enjoys the tripe!

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Jaxon enjoys the tripe!


Here’s a picture of my dog Jaxon loving your tripe. He is a super house dog, and he has never once gotten into the garbage for any reason in his life. He has plenty of other mischievous behaviors, but he’s perfect on house manners. One day I heard a funny sound, and I walked into the kitchen to find his face stuck inside an empty tripe sleeve. He had finally, at 4.5 years old, found a reason to get into the garbage. He was a good boy to “stay” while I ran to get the camera. Thought you’d enjoy seeing how much Jaxon enjoys the tripe.
Tiffany Myers
Merridian, Idaho

I have been spreading the word to everyone I can.

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I have been spreading the word to everyone I can.

Hi Doug,
I hope you can find some good pictures here to use on your site. I have been spreading the word to everyone I can. The dog standing on me is Sixpence Aiobell (ave’ Hal)…the picture looks as if she is mugging me for your ground muscle meat!! Then there is Aiobell with her brother Coir Righ who is really interested in the delightful smell of dinner! See you soon (I have plenty but will take my load this month ~ may skip December because we have beef coming (for us) and I will get all the goodies from 5 steers for the doggies.
You are so appreciated by US,
Linda Leigh Daniel
Sixpence Irish Wolfhounds

Linda Daniel- Coir Righ

Linda Daniel- Aiobell









Thanks for making my life easier and my dogs happy.

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I just wanted to write and tell you how great the Beef for Pets food is. I feed My dogs once in the morning and that holds them through the day. They are not trying to beg for food or steal bits from my three year old grandson anymore. My younger dog is about 6 months old and we noticed he was having allergy problems since we changed his diet to your food, he has none. My older dog in 10, he is happier and more energetic since I changed his food. Their coats are beautiful, they are happy, healthy and full of life…(less messes to clean up too.) I will never go back to the alternative…Thanks for making my life easier and my dogs happy.

Teresa Johnsgard
LaPine, Oregon.

Keep up the good work!

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Hi Doug-

Again thank you for supplying such good product for my feeding needs. Having run a large boarding kennel we have seen various foods being fed to customers’ dogs, and always the dogs that came in with their raw diets never had stool or digestive issues.
I had started out feeding Raw but  found it difficult to find enought product ot feed all of my show dogs, when local markets no longer offered sales on chicken and such. Now with your service I can keep my dogs  on a raw diet with no problems. The Beef grind is excellent and I love the fact that the Trpe is not runny like other products I have ordered from other companies. Please keep up the good work for all of the folks in Central Oregon that choose to keep their dogs healthy.

Wyngold Brittanys
Bend, Oregon.

Both the cats and the dogs are wild about your beef and the liver!

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I want to thank you so much for providing such great products for my animals. Both the cats and the dogs are wild about your beef and the liver. Although the dogs are good eaters, you know how finicky cats can be, esspecially with the introduction of a new food. I have 30 cats, all on a raw diet. They happily ate both the beef and the liver on their first presentation. There was not a speck left on their plates. Even better, there was no digestive upset whatsoever from the new food. I particularly like the fact that it is lean and in small cubes, rather then ground. It gives the cats something to chew on.
I also want you to know that the tripe was really a huge hit with the dogs. I had not been able to find a good source of tripe in the past, so this was their first time tasting it. It was a day for chicken quarters, so I added a good measure of the tripe right on top. I set down the pans and much to my amusement; both dogs carefully picked up their chicken quarter and carefully placed it off to one side. Then, they proceeded to eat every bit of the tripe. They carefully licked out their pans and then flipped over and made sure there was nothing left on the bottom. Only then did they eat their chicken. I think you are their new hero. Feel free to give anyone my email adress if they have any questions about your products or raw feeding.

Pam Sharp
Middleton, Idaho