“100% beef ground into bite-size chunks. 10% fat. Easy for kittens & puppies, satisfying for adults.”

If you’re concerned about the quality of store bought pet food, treat your pet to healthy, natural, lean raw beef. We believe that a raw pet food diet provides the foundation  for a healthy immune system resulting in healthier skin, teeth, and coat and as well as a reduction in allergies, and an overall improvement in health and disposition. Simply put, raw meat contains an abundance of heat-sensitive nutrients, trace minerals and amino acids that are otherwise destroyed in the cooking process. Here are some of the benefits people have seen in their pets after feeding them our raw beef…

  • Clean, fresh breath
  • Beef For Pets is great for dogs, cats, and exotic pets!Clean, shiny, white teeth
  • More energy
  • Softer, shinier coat
  • No doggy odor to their coat
  • Firmer, more muscled body
  • Decreased itching and scratching
  • Better weight maintenance
  • Smaller, almost odorless poops that are quick to decompose